Neha Jain
Founder and Curator

As a teenager, I have been fascinated by the touch, feel, vibrancy, colour and sheen of silver. This love made me travel in search of silver craft, many a times transporting me to the bygone era of craftmanship.

After graduating in Economics (Hons.) from JMC, Delhi, got a diploma in jewellery design. This set me off in search of authentic karigars and processes. My passion grew further and over a period of time my collection started getting praise.

The transformation of this passion and hobby culminated in the brand that Simply Silver istoday. My sweet journey has spanned over 30 years and I still continue to passionately design and craft these little wonders of joy. I am in debt of my friends, family, and patrons for the affection, love, and support they have always showered upon me. I feel blessed and my quest is to curate silver jewellery from all over India and present it to you.

Ethics at Simply Silver by Neha

Over the 30 years in designing and crafting these little wonders of joy, I have always strived to use materials that have a positive footprint on both artisans and nature.

This brand is a blend of modish designs and traditional art! All my pieces are carefully curated keeping in mind the ethics and well-being of the artisans along with the impact on society and nature. And we plan to further polish our craft keeping our values intact.

Sustainable, safe and lasting practices are deployed to recreate the age-old techniques by reducing and limiting harmful products and educating the artisans on the best ways and means of passing on the art to the next generation.